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From Concept to Completion and Beyond

JUNG GUNS ENTERTAINMENT develops and produces cutting-edge, multi-platform content that connects to viewers with cutting-edge programming.  With an eclectic slate of unique titles spanning multiple networks, we strive for innovative entertainment, putting modern, engaging and emotionally-driven stories at the forefront. Through collaboration and original development, Jung Guns Entertainment delivers content that expands your reality.

Imagine losing a loved one to suspicious circumstances of murder, and receiving no closure or justice for over three years. Further imagine knowing a person privy to the truth of what crime occurred, but scared silent by the perpetrators. This is the plight of a family that grieves daily over the death of their beautiful young daughter, sister, and mother of three.

In the new four-part docu-series "Who Killed Britney Tiger", Jung Guns Entertainment unleashes a potent investigation bent on exposing those responsible for Britney Tiger's death, and bringing them to justice. Armed with new evidence and witnesses in the case, the victim's family may soon gain the closure they desperately crave.

"Who Killed Britney Tiger" serves as a gateway production to Jung Guns Entertainment's more expansive crime series titled "Women Erased", currently in development. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements on the release date of this series.

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